Sardol is a knight who sought to kill the Creatures of the Relic. He makes one appearance in Seedling.

Physical appearance

Sardol has a pink, human-like body with white eyes and two small, curved horns on his head. He is seen in grey attire with two visible white wings folded behind him. Muscles are prominent on his body.


Sardol is known for attacking the Creatures of the Relic. His attacks succeeded when he killed the Goreback, but he became hated by the village for his actions. Multiple statues are present around the village as monuments of his rage.

In-game appearance

Sardol can make one in-game appearance to the seedling if the player enters Trohn before Rostef. The young seedling can access this passageway by travelling along the edge of the tree so that he touches the water for a brief moment. This action will not damage him as long as he does not stay in the water for too long.

When the seedling enters the cave, he will encounter Sardol blocking the passage to the interior of the area. Sardol tells the seedling that he is unprepared and prompts him to turn back. After the player completes Rostef, Sardol will be gone from Trohn, allowing the young seedling to proceed through the rest of the area.


  • You must think you're clever. Coming so quickly to the north. But you are unprepared, fool. I am Sardol. For me, you will find and destroy all of the Creatures. None will escape. Turn and come back in due time.