Sea bees
The leader of the sea bees in a transmission to Aqua Boy
Attack: Swarming Aqua Boy
Health: ~1 pistol blast
First level: Act 1: Cold are the Crabs
Game(s): Aqua Boy

The sea bees are a boss in Aqua Boy in Act 1: Cold are the Crabs.


The sea bees have a body made of two connected segments. One segment, the head, is black, with white eyes and black antennae. The body is round and black and yellow striped. A transparent helmet covers the sea bees' heads.



The location of the sea bees battle.

The room with the sea bees can be accessed from the kelp gardens from the door on the far right of the player when they first start Act 1. They must then follow a narrow passageway that spirals as a maze until they reach a door just below a fish turret. A sign should be visible next to this door that when opened, reads, "Keep out!" Entering through this door immediately brings up a transmission from the leader of the sea bees. Descending towards the next door starts the boss battle.

Battle phase



Sea bees attacking Aqua Boy.

Sea bees attack in swarms that spawn from four distinguished places found within the area. These places are marked with a white circular shape that the sea bees come out of. One sea bee from each area will come out at once, with four sea bees attacking Aqua Boy simultaneously. A few seconds after, four more sea bees will spawn from the four portals.

When the sea bees are out, they will swarm Aqua Boy, following his every move. When they hit him, he will lose health: half a heart in Normal mode, and one heart in Hard. There are about twelve sea bees in total that Aqua Boy has to fight.


To unlock the door located at the bottom of the area, Aqua Boy must defeat all the sea bees. He can do so by shooting them with his pistol. One pistol blast can kill one sea bee. Causing the sea bees to crash into each other also kills them.

As the bees swarm Aqua Boy, the player should constantly be moving Aqua Boy and attempt to kill as many of the sea bees they can per wave so that they do not have to outswim as many when the next wave of bees spawn. If necessary, firing the pistol may help to eliminate many of the sea bees. The player can also move in up and down waves to try and cause the bees to crash into each other.


When all sea bees have been destroyed, the bottom door unlocks, allowing access to Bangcrack's lair. Here, Aqua Boy will be able to fight Bangcrack to receive the shockwave bomb. The Pistol Power Pack and a heart container can also be found in this area.


We noticed you're after the monkey.

Bees have always been friends to the monkeys. We will not tolerate their persecution.

Sea bees FTW! - the leader of the sea bees

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