Ability: Allows the leaf seedling to create fans
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

The seed is the second item the player must collect in Leaf Me Alone.


The seed sports two shades of brown within its oval shape. A thin green stem sticks out at the top of it. Like the leaf, its stem sways from side to side.


The seed is found at the top of a broken tree found outside the top of the inner tree trunk the leaf seedling must go through in order to get there. It rests on the branch of a bare tree that is located next to a number of clouds. This requires the leaf seedling to use the clouds to move onto the platforms in the air and land onto the tree.


The seed's powers, once obtained, can be used by pressing the X key. When in the air, the leaf seedling will drop a single seed from the air the same appearance as the item. The seed will continue to descend until it lands on a surface, of which it creates a fan. If directly on the ground, the leaf seedling will immediately create a fan behind it when the player presses the X key. The player can only place one fan at a time with the seed, and any fan previously placed will disappear once the player puts the fan in another area.

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