A group of sheep in level one
Ability: Follow the sheepdog
Game(s): Sheepwalk

Sheep are interactive objects in Sheepwalk. The sheepdog's goal is to lead them safely to the pen.


Sheep have flat, beige heads with green eyes and white ears that are depicted as squares. White wool is seen that sticks out as fluff on either sides of their bodies. Their rectangle-shaped legs are darker than the rest of their bodies. Only two legs are visible, even when the sheep move.

Game information

Normal sheep follow the sheepdog whenever it gets close them. The pace they follow the sheepdog at is slightly slower than the speed the sheepdog can move at maximum. They will stop following the sheepdog when out of range or they have hit a fence and cannot progress towards the dog any farther. If they wander off the screen, they die and the player loses a heart of health.

Sheep are vulnerable to water, since they are unable to swim. They are, however, able to touch barbed wire without getting hurt. Once all sheep are secured in the pen in a level, the level ends and the player proceeds to the next one.

See also

  • Rams - The boy version of sheep, they follow the sheepdog at a quicker pace than the sheep.
  • Lambs - The smaller verision of sheep, they move away from the sheepdog when it approaches them.

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