The first shield
Ability: pushing enemies back
Game(s): Seedling

The shield is a interactive object found in Seedling.


The shield has a round shape with two points next to each other on the the top right side. In the middle of the shield is a dark purple T like marking. Aside from the black outline around the shield and the purple part, the shield is completely light grey.

Game information

The shield is found in Gundernoud and the player needs to get to it by the left staircase since the right staircase has a lock placed in the room the leads to the shield. The shield stays with the player till they obtain the dark shield. The shield will simply bounce back enemies if the seedling walks into them.

Certain locks appear in the room the shield is found in that can only be unlocked by the shield. To unlock the locks needing the shield, the player must walk up to it and then it will disappear.