"Wait for your opening against the Shieldspire."

The Shieldspire is one of the eight Creatures of the Relic encountered in Seedling. The young seedling first fights him in Gundernoud.

Physical appearance

The Shieldspire is entirely covered in purple armour, with two silver spikes poking out of the helmet. Its narrow eyes are red, and it holds a sword in its right hand and a shield in its left. No legs are visible on the Shieldspire. It is visibly taller than the young seedling.



The young seedling attacking the Shieldspire.

Upon reaching the unlocked staircase in Gundernoud, the player enters a room with the Shieldspire. The player will also see a sign and a passageway leading to a staircase blocked off by the Shieldspire. If the player tries to hit the Shieldspire without waiting for an opening, it will slash at the young seedling and cause him to lose health.


To defeat it, the player must stand directly in front of it. After waiting for a few seconds, the Shieldspire leaves an opening, allowing the young seedling to make an attack with the sword. This causes the Shieldspire to flash red, indicating it has been attacked before resuming its normal position. Hitting it when it leaves an opening after two more times will kill the Shieldspire.


Once the Shieldspire is killed, it will leave a red key in its place. The key can be obtained to unlock the red lock that leads to the staircase the Shieldspire had once blocked off. This will lead to an exit out to the main map area.

As the young seedling continues on his journey, the Watcher signals the ground to shake and drops a Sky Rock over the staircase where the young seedling obtained the sword.