The shooter is the main character of Super Puzzle Platformer.


Shooter's arms, legs, and body are bright yellow except for the two black eyebrows above Shooter's eyes. On Shooter's face is two black eyes and a black line for a mouth. Shooter wears a red cape and holds a grey gun in one hand.

Game information

Shooter can move right or left by pressing the arrow keys and jump by pressing the up arrow key. Shooter fires bullets by pressing z and the amount of bullets shot by Shooter's gun changes depending on how many white cubes are collected. Shooter's health is determined by how much white cubes are collected and the higher amount collected, the more health Shooter will have. If a block falls on Shooter's head, a certain number of white cubes will be taken away. If Shooter falls into the spikes at the bottom of the screen, the game will instantly end.

Weapon choice

Shooter's gun can change the number of bullets it fires by collecting white cubes. Below is a list of how many bullets Shooter's gun will fire and at what time it will fire it.

  • The gun shoots a bullet and is first achieved at the start of the game
  • The gun shoots two lasers one on top of another. This can be gained once the player gets enough white cubes to reach 2x.
  • The gun shoots one large semi circle bullet. This can be achieved once the player enough white cubes gets to 3x.
  • The gun shoots a single powerful bullet that destroys one block in one hit. This can only be gained if the player gains enough white cubes to reach the max.



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