The shop with the default gun selected.

The shop is an in-game feature of Random Heroes. It allows players to upgrade their health and weaponry using the money collected within the game.


The shop can be accessed by clicking on the dollar sign icon in the top right corner of the game screen. Pressing the "U" key also allows the shop to open.



Item Cost
9mm pistol N/A (default weapon)
.357 revolver $150
9mm submachine gun $300
12 gauge shotgun $500
7.62 mm assault rifle $650
Rocket launcher $800
Flame thrower $950
Minigun $1200
Pulse laser $1600


Armour increases the heroes' maximum health by one hitpoint.

Item Cost
Bullet Proof Vest $200
Ring of Protection $400
Super Hero Socks $700
Keular Hairpiece $1000
Stainless Steel Underpants $1400


Item Description Cost
Amateur Surgeon Increases health gained from medikits by one hit point Volume 1: $200
Volume 2: $400
Economics Vol. 1 Increases money gained from kills and coins by 20% $100
Economics Vol. 2 Increases money gained from kills and coins by 40% $400
The Art of Sniping Slightly increases damage done by all weapons $700

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