Spike blocks
Attack: Moving in the path of the duck
Damage: Instant death
Game(s): Gravity Duck

Spike blocks are hazards first seen in level 9 of Gravity Duck.


Spike blocks are brown coloured, similar to the shade that the walls and ceiling encasing the area is. They are square shaped, with a black border surrounding the brown component of the square. On each side of the square is two spikes, which are grey in colour and point out in the shape of isosceles triangles.

Game information

Spike blocks move independently in a set formation. Some spike blocks move constantly in the vertical direction, others, the horizontal. When spike blocks hit a wall, they begin to move in the opposite direction. Any contact with a spike block will kill the duck instantaneously.

Since spike blocks cannot be killed, the duck must avoid them at all times. The duck can do so by walking past the spike block's path when it is not there, or flipping so that the duck travels past the spike block before it can hurt the duck. Walking on the walls or ground when a spike block is present is only possible when there are no spikes present where the spike block is moving.

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