Spike pits are stationary enemies in Seedling.

Physical appearance

From above, spike pits are circle-shaped and are beige when seen under light. The opening, which signifies the pit, is cross-shaped and takes up most of the circle. Four tiny pale spikes dot the inside corners of the cross.

Game information

Spike pits are first seen in the Watcher's area, blocking the pathway that leads the young seedling to the sword. When the young seedling moves close to one, it will open and close the pit. Upon contact, the young seedling will bounce back and lose a square of health. Spike pits are usually seen together, blocking accessible pathways for the young seedling to cross.

Three hits from the young seedling's sword kills a spike pit. Because they remain in the same place for the duration of the game, they cannot be pushed into water or holes in the ground. Rather, the player can also kill a spike pit by sending a continuous stream of arrows activated by a switch over it.

Spike pits are most commonly found in Gundernoud and Rostef, in the underground areas.