Spike traps
A normal and light spike trap
Attack: N/A
Damage: 1 block of health
Health: Normal:
Sword - 3 hits
Game(s): Seedling

Spike traps are hazards in Seedling. There are two types seen throughout the game, and both hurt the young seedling on contact.


Spike traps are shaped like circles with a cross-shaped opening that comes together in the middle. Both types have four teeth inside the opening that remain visible even when the opening closes. Normal spike traps are brown with teeth that are seen to be a lighter shade of brown. Light spike traps are black with yellow teeth. The two types of spike traps remain stationary for the duration of Seedling.

Game information

Normal spike traps

Normal spike traps are encountered in the Nest of the Owl, where the player must first go to obtain the sword. In some cases, they can be avoided while the young seedling is without a sword, though other times, they block passages necessary to pass through. Because the young seedling starts off with no weapon, he must kill the spike traps blocking a narrow passage with switches that trigger arrows to attack and kill the spike traps. If other enemies, such as brown mushrooms, run into spike traps, it will damage them.

Light spike traps

Light spike traps are encountered in Woshad. They start off invisible to the player because they are hidden by the darkness. An indication that they are present is usually where a black shadow looms over an area. Within the shadow is a light.

Unlike normal spike traps, light spike traps cannot be killed with a weapon, since they are invisible to the player and young seedling. If the player, however, switches on a light with a Ghost Spear, the spike trap will be revealed. It will close up its opening before disappearing from the area it was on. Switching on lights is needed for the player to proceed through some areas of Woshad, as well as helping the player see the path. Once light spike traps are revealed, they do not return, even when the young seedling exits the area within the screen or dies.

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