The seedling This article is about lights from Seedling. For lights from other games, please see Lights
Ability: Lighting a path
Game(s): Seedling

Spotlights are interactive objects in Seedling, first seen in the Woshad area.


When lit, the brightness the spotlights give is yellow in colour. The bulb of each spotlight is circular, with a light blue, thin rectangle sticking out on the top, bottom, left and right of the light bulb from the player's perspective. As the light shines, the spotlight moves up and down on the spot.

Game information

Most lights are off when first seen by the player. A circle-shaped shadow casting over an area indicates where a spotlight is switched off. Often, a light spike trap is located somewhere within the shadow.

To turn on the spotlight, the seedling must hit it with the Ghost Spear. This must be the exact location within the shadow, which sometimes requires the player to poke around the darkened area with the weapon. A spotlight will remain on, even if the seedling exits the area, loses all his health or falls off the edge.

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