Squids are enemies in the game Seedling.


Squids have two tentacles coming from the bottom of them that are a outlined in black and are a mixture of dark blue, white, and blue. On top of the tentacles is the squid's head that is round and outlined in black.

In the middle, near the bottom of the squid's head, is the squids mouth which is frequently opened and closed. The rest of the squid's head is a mixture of white, blue, and dark blue.

Game information

Squids are only found in areas near water. Unlike most enemies, squids can float across water which would normally kill all other enemies. If the Seedling touches a squid, one block of health will be taken away.

To kill a squid the player must either slash them three or four times with the sword, slash them two times with the Dark sword, hit them six times with the wand, or attack them with another weapon.