The stone idol is the main character of 400 Years. He is based on Moai from Easter Island.[1]


The stone idol has a grey body shaped like a rounded rectangle and has human facial features, which take up most of his body area. His arms are relatively short to his body and form small ovals that are hands. His two feet are are shaped like right-angle triangles with an indentation separate the legs from the feet. When he walks, the foot closest to the player is always slightly behind the other.

On the stone idol's face, he bears two, circle eyes that are a darker shade of grey, a pointed nose and a straight horizontal mouth. He is seen with this expression throughout the game.

Game information


The game screen as the stone idol waits


While resting by the seaside, the stone idol awakes, sensing a calamity. Standing in his position, he begins his journey to stop the calamity within a timespan of four hundred years. Much of his journey involves waiting for the years to pass so that he may access otherwise inaccessible areas at certain times during the year. As he passes through villages, he watches the villagers flee when he approaches as well as their growing development as he waits.

At the end of the stone idol's journey, he comes across to a volcano. Making his way down the hole of the volcano, he is then put to rest, blocking the pathway for the lava to escape. It is then that the stone idol stops the calamity, and the village, unknowingly, is at peace.


  • Waiting - The stone idol can remain in one place for several years at a time. Sped up into seconds from the player's perspective, waiting allows the stone idol to overcome certain obstacles he may encounter.
  • Planting - During the autumn season, the stone idol can lean down to pick up seeds from the ground and plant them in other areas. As he waits, the plants grow with each passing year. This allows him to feed villagers or grow trees that allow him to climb up higher heights.



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