Stop blocks
X block
A stop block with a X on it
Ability: Forcing the Guardian Rock to go one way or stop
Game(s): Guardian Rock

Stop blocks are interactive objects in the game Guardian Rock.


Stop blocks are square shaped and dark grey. In the middle of a stop block will either be a red X or a red or pointing left, right, up, or down. The object in the middle of the stop block will begin to flash dark red or bright red as the time goes by.

Game information

Stop blocks first appear on level nine and often they appear in number. When the Guardian Rock hits a stop block with a arrow on it, the Guardian Rock will move in whatever way the arrow was pointing. If the Guardian Rock hits a stop block with a X on it, the Guardian Rock will act like he hit a wall.

Though the Guardian Rock can't go through stop blocks with a X on them, the archaeologists can pass through them and stop blocks with arrows on them have no effect.



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