Subject 2-Change is the main character of Revive.


Subject 2-Change sports two shades of red over his entire body. He has a flat, square-shaped head with a curved body and two flat feet. His eyes are rather flat and a couple of pixels wide, in black. His hands, like his feet, are flat and stop short near the top half of his body.

Game information


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Subject 2-Change was selected to test the effects of Life Syrup.

While going through all the tests, he sometimes collected Grapefruits. Later, when he reached the final level, GOV commanded that Subject 2-Change let a box fall and kill it.

Subject 2-Change outwitted GOV and maneuvered out of the way, so that the box fell onto the ground, and could be used a a box to reach the previously inaccessible door. GOV was unhappy with what had happened, and talked to Subject 2-Change throughout the post facility levels, via the signs on the wall. GOV's comments were not kind, as they tried to discourage Subject 2-Change.

Subject 2-Change learned about GOV's childhood, and what had happened to the past subjects of his experiments. Eventually, Subject 2-Change reached GOV, where GOV preceded to kill 2-Change. Due to GOV slipping and stabbing himself instead, 2-Change was spared, and left the room after GOV devoured all the food.

In game

Subject 2-Change is controlled with the arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow key will cause it to jump. Subject 2-Change can also push boxes. Upon impacting a hazardous object, or being crushed, Subject 2-Change will be killed and transform into an outline of himself, only this time with wings.

When this has happened, he will be able to fly around the level, incapable of being killed, as he is, in fact, already dead. He will not be able to go through objects, only being able to go through wood. He can still stand on all other objects, though. Touching Life Syrup will cause him to be revived, brought back to his regular, living self.

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