Ability: destroying objects and enemies
Game(s): Seedling

Sword is a weapon found in the game Seedling.


The sword has a square black hilt with the middle cut out and two pale green blocks placed at the bottom left and right sides.

At the bottom of the black hilt is the blade that is rectangular with a small part of it having green band at the top and the rest being pale green.

Game information

The sword is the first weapon encountered in Seedling. To use the sword the player must assign it to the X or C key and then press the respective key to slash with the sword. The sword is able to inflict damage on all enemies and it can destroy certain rocks and cut rope.

If the player presses the key they have assigned to the sword twice and the press one of the arrow keys to move, the player will dash forward. While dashing, it is possible to not be hurt by enemies that would have hurt the player on contact. Later on, when the player gets a new sword, the old sword will disappear and the player will be unable to get it again.