Sword knights are enemies in Seedling.


Sword knights are grey coloured, with two tufts sticking out at the top of their visible head. A pair of white eyes can be seen near the bottom of their head, outlined at the top with a running line of dark grey. They resemble a smaller version of the third form of the Times.

Game information

Sword knights are first seen in Rostef, in the underground area that could only be accessed after cutting the pulley's rope. At rest, sword knights are stationary, bobbing their heads up and down, their swords still. When the seedling approaches one within the same area, however, the sword knight will start to move towards him. As it gets closer, it swings its sword around its body, subtracting health on the young seedling if contact is made.

For every hit made on the sword knight by the young seedling himself, the sword knight will swing its sword around its body again. It will repeat this process until it has been killed, or the seedling has lost all his lives.