Attack: Shooting bullets
Damage: Instant death
Health: High
Game(s): Agent Turnright

Tank is a enemy found in the game Agent Turnright.


The tank has rectangular body with two larger rectangular wheels possessing caterpillar tracks placed at the bottom and top. The tracks are grey with black lines indicating grooves and, visible from the front only, five cylinders can be seen placed in the section it surrounds. The rest of the tank is black with a grey circular lid from which extends a cylindrical pipe that widens into a horizontal rectangular opening painted black.

Game information

The tank is situated near the top of stage 6, the only level it appears in, and moves horizontally to one side and back while firing black projectiles that destroy Agent Turnright upon contact. The tank's health is indicated by a red bar at the top of the screen which will deplete upon the tank making contact with bullets from Agent Turnright's gun. Once the entire bar is depleted, the tank will remain stationary, turn black, sparks indicated by yellow cubes will fly from it, and stage 6 will be passed.