Ability: Transports Minni to a teleporter of identical colour
Game(s): Howmonica

Teleporters are interactive objects that first appear in level 23 of Howmonica.


Teleporters are circle shaped and made up of a single line in either red or pink that coils into a spiral. This spiral spins in a counter-clockwise direction. A pale outline surrounds the spiral.

Game information

Teleporters first appear in level 23 and make more appearances later in-game. They are seen in mid-air, usually above blocks. Sometimes more than one set of teleporters appear at once. These pairs are always distinguished by a different colour.

When Minni enters a teleporter, it will flash white and transfer her to the other teleporter of identical colour. She will continue to travel in the same direction as she did when she entered the teleporter. Travelling through teleporters is necessary for level completion.

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