The Times is a group of bosses in Seedling. Unlike the other Creatures of the Relic, they are seen as three separate creatures to the player.

Physical appearance

In general, the Times have round bodies and carry at least one weapon, which circles around them.


The first of the Times has a dark purple body, with a chin that juts out. Its eyes are two narrow slits, encompassing a round pink nose. Its mouth is a wide grin that spans almost the width of the body. Two teeth can be seen from the corners of its mouth.


The second creature of the Times has a grey teardrop shaped head with two horns sticking out of it. The eyes are dark blue with white pupils. Many horizontal lines can be seen on its forehead. It swings two dark brown sticks around its body.


The third creature of the Times is a lighter shade of grey than the second. Dark green colours the bottom of its face, with two white eyes above it. There is also a pair of semi-circle horns on top of its head. It swings two swords around its body.



The Times are located in Rostef, in an area only accessible by a hole. The young seedling must obtain the green key first to lift the lock that will allow him to access the hole. The area is mostly grass, with trees bordering it. The Watcher also stands on one of the trees.


Each creature of the Times has a monologue they give to the player before beginning to attack.

  • ..., ...? ... ...!
  • ...never...ages... ...seen... ...odd. ...for...minutes? Seconds...hours...mine!
  • Time is stasis. You bring much conflict. Is it my place to resist? Seems I must.


Each creature of the Times attacks by swinging their weapons around their bodies while moving towards the seedling. Using the sword, the young seedling must hit the creatures' bodies several times while avoiding their attacks. Contact with the surrounding weapons subtracts health from the young seedling. Health is reset when the proceeding creature takes the previous one's place.


When the third creature of the Times is killed, the Fire powerup is left in its place. An entrance near the top of the screen also opens up, allowing the player to exit the area.