Tobe is the main character of Tobe's Hookshot Escape.


Tobe has a square face and ruffled brown hair that sticks out in some places. His eyes are thin, vertical lines that are placed around the same line as his ears. His mouth is also a thin line, but it is a thin horizontal line instead.

Tobe is seen, throughout the game, wearing a yellow jacket and blue pants. The yellow jacket has a thin blue line running down the middle of it, while the pants have two yellow lines running down on the sides facing away from Tobe.

Game information

At the start of the game, Tobe finds walks to a chest and finds a hook inside it. Equipped with this hook for the duration of the game, he sets out on a journey to climb the cave he is in to try and get out of it.


Tobe is equipped with a hook at the start of each game. This hook extends vertically above his head, allowing him to pull himself up onto any platform. The hook often does not defend him against enemies, since enemies are often not above his head and therefore, the hook cannot reach them.

During Tobe's Hookshot Escape, powerups, placed in crates, can be picked up and used later at any point of the game. These powerups allow Tobe to jump higher, extend his hook or rocket himself up to a higher platform within the game.


Tobe is vulnerable to various hazards and enemies, placed around the area. If he makes contact with one, he turns red and loses a portion of health. Tobe, however, can jump onto some enemies and kill them without losing any health. All hazards seen throughout the game will hurt Tobe and cannot take any damage from him.

When the red colour from Tobe's health metre is depleted, he will turn to a skeleton and drop to the platform he is on. The falling animation that takes place when Tobe falls off the screen also plays.


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