Tongue creatures are enemies in the game Seedling.


Tongue creatures have long oval shaped tongue with a rectangle extension. The tongue is a mixture of dark brown, white, and light brown. The tongue connects into the rest of the creature that has five white spikes coming out of it that are positioned in various places on the creature.

Near the top of the tongue creature, to the right side is a white and yellow block that has a black out line going around it. The rest of the tongue creature is a mixture of black, light green, and dark green.

Game information

Tongue creatures are only found in Rostef. Tongue creatures are always found attached to rocks and can spring onto any surface. To make a tongue creatures spring onto another surface, the player must make the Seedling walk in front of it.

Touching a tongue creature will take away one block of health. To kill a tongue creature the player must slash them five hits with the sword, slash them three times with the dark sword, hit them six times with the Wand, strike them two times with the ghost spear, or kill them with another weapon.