Tongue traps are enemies found in the Bosiniad and Ghethis areas of Seedling.


Tongue traps have yellow and green colours on them. The yellow parts are teardrop shaped, with the pointed ends facing inward, forming a dark coloured hole in the shape of a cross. Surrounding the teardrop shapes are red and green lines, which run along the ground near the tongue trap.

The tongues that stick out of a tongue trap are dark pink, with rough edges.

Game information

Tongue traps can only be seen in Bosiniad and Ghethis. In Bosiniad, they are found next to some ground a short distance away from lava. In Ghethis, tongue traps lie on floating platforms amongst laser turrets. They never move from their initial positions.

When the young seedling approaches a tongue trap, it will stick out its long tongue and pull him in. This hurts the seedling on contact and forces the player to restart from the last screen they entered into, with the attacking tongue trap. The seedling can become immune to this attack when he is wearing the Dark Suit, which not only allows him to get near a tongue trap without losing health, but also deals some damage to the enemy. This is necessary in some areas, where tongue traps can help pull the young seedling over gaps in platforms he would otherwise fall through.

Often, tongue traps can be killed with a Ghost Spear behind a wall, which will not cause the tongue trap to stick out its tongue. The player can also use the Wand to kill a tongue trap due to its long range, allowing the young seedling to destroy the tongue trap without losing health.

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