The stone idol stands next to a tree in the springtime
Ability: Allows the stone idol to climb
Game(s): 400 Years

Trees are interactive objects in 400 Years.


Generally, trees in 400 Years have brown trunks and branches as well as leaves that poke out of the branches. Depending on the type of tree encountered, the branches may be more concentrated at the top or spread out down the trunk as "steps" similar to that of a ladder's.

The leaves of the tree vary on the season that is active. In the spring and summer, the leaves are green. They turn orange and red in the fall, and disappear during the winter season. White snow covers the branches instead.

Game information


Climbing a tree during the spring season.

The first trees encountered in 400 Years are purely decorative. The stone idol, when passing by, will not be able to interact with them in any way. These trees are indicated by the concentration of branches gathered at the top. The stone idol is unable to climb up trees because of this.

Climbable trees

While some trees in 400 Years are meant to blend in with the background, others are used to help the stone idol reach higher ground. Such trees have horizontal branches on either sides of their trunks. Often, climbable trees are taller than background trees.

When the player uses the up and down arrow keys, the stone idol will climb up the tree that is directly behind him, if there is one. He can also move from side to side until he falls off the tree.

Climbable trees sometimes start off as tree seedlings that are shorter than the stone idol. If they are next to higher ground, the stone idol must wait for them to grow so that they reach the height of the ground next to them.


In some cases, trees may not be positioned in places that allow the stone idol to reach higher ground. When this happens, seeds are often placed nearby the elevated ground for the stone idol to pick up and plant. Once a seed is planted, the stone idol is required to wait for the tree to grow tall enough so that he can climb. Generally, this takes around twelve in-game years.

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