Urchin chains
A pink urchin chain
Damage: Normal - 1/2 heart
Hard - 1 heart
Game(s): Aqua Boy

Urchin chains are hazards in Aqua Boy.


Urchin chains are made up of many sea urchins, moving in uniform motion. Each urchin that is part of the chain is the same colour, and are lined with some spikes.

Game information

Urchin chains appear in several areas within the game, spinning in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Upon contact with Aqua Boy, they will deduct a portion of health from him. This is half a heart in Normal mode, and a whole heart in Hard.

Depending on their colour, urchin chains form different shapes, which allow Aqua Boy to swim past them or find safe spots within their continuous movement. Pink urchin chains, for instance, form a single line that spins on a single pivot point in the middle of the line. Aqua Boy must always be moving when he is in the same area as a pink urchin chain. Orange urchin chains, however, form a circle shape with an opening that Aqua Boy can swim through. Once Aqua Boy is inside the circle, he remains safe until he chooses to swim out of the chain, of which he risks losing health.


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