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Hi! I'm Random-storykeeper, or RSK for short. I've played every Pixel Love game at least once.

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Pixel Love games

My favourite Pixel Love games are Ripple Dot Zero and Revive.

Ripple Dot Zero is visually beautiful with an epic soundtrack. The controls are fluid and fit with the game's design. When I play this, I feel like I'm immersed in the world Ripple Dot Zero is set in. There is a lot of great music in this game, some which didn't make it into the game's soundtrack album. Maybe Ripple Dot Zero is simple, but that's the point. It's easy on the surface, but more difficult if you go the extra mile and undergo the secrets and challenges it has to offer.

I was stuck on one of the earlier puzzles in Revive, but when I finally got the hang of the game, I was blown away. The game has an intriguing story (for me at least), fitting art and music and a satisfying ending. Plus it has extras to offer for an additional replay value. I enjoyed the puzzles and delving further into the backstory of the characters, unraveling their mystery. Apparently Revive is similar to another game called Portal, but I would never know because I've never played Portal. :P

  1. Super Puzzle Platformer - It's super fun and can get quite addicting.
  2. Small Worlds - I love this game for its simplicity and how the story behind it is a mystery.
  3. Seedling - Exploration games are always fun. This one had great artwork and had a lot of in-depth dialogue, which calls for a good story.
  4. Cat Astro Phi - Takes maybe an hour to complete, but the main character is funny and the dialogue between him and the robot is amusing.
  5. Give Up, Robot - This one is cool. That's all I can say. The artwork is very...psychedelic and makes the game tiring to play after a few twenty levels or so, but it's strangely entertaining. And I love that crazy robot voice that says, "Give Upppp Robot".
  6. 400 Years - Such a calming atmosphere with a sad yet promising ending.
  7. Reprisal - At first, I didn't like this one. The whole strategizing idea was just confusing. It was only later when I came back to it because I wanted to give it another try that I finally learned grasped the concept. I have to say I also enjoyed the music and pixelled artwork. Conquering the islands is very tedious!
  8. Leaf Me Alone - The art and music in this one make it such a relaxing atmosphere. While the game itself is simple, there is so much mystery as well.
  9. Tobe's Hookshot Escape - This is a nice one to come back to from time to time. I enjoy seeing Tobe come up to the screen and shrug at the start of the game.
  10. Shybot - Really cute. The platforming is a bit iffy, as with the hit detection, but it becomes simpler with a little adjustment.

Music tracks

This isn't exactly a complete list; it's just something I keep forgetting to update. :P

  1. Tower of Heaven - "The Lonely Tower", "Luna Ascension", "Farewell, Traveller"
  2. Super Puzzle Platformer
  3. Small Worlds - "Frost Waltz"
  4. Gamma Bros
  5. Seedling - "What Is My Life's Purpose...", "Mysterious Magic", "Cold Blooded", "The Watcher"
  6. Sheepwalk - "Good Morning", "Work"
  7. Gravity Duck - Titlescreen
  8. Cat Astro Phi - "Mystery Moon Intruder", "Spaceman the Vulnerable", "Jonesy the Betrayer"
  9. Perspective
  10. Random Heroes - Titlescreen, first few levels in-game
  11. Give Up, Robot
  12. Howmonica
  13. Aqua Boy - "Bangcrack's Lair", "Karken's Outpost"
  14. Reprisal
  15. Leaf Me Alone
  16. ...:D
  17. Ripple Dot Zero
  18. Blym - Titlescreen, level 11
  19. Persist
  20. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
  21. Blitzer
  22. Shybot
  23. Melee Man (in-game)

Games completed

Pixel Love games I have beaten
  1. Tower of Heaven
  2. Depict1
  3. Small Worlds
  4. Reprisal
  5. Fracuum
  6. Sheepwalk
  7. Seedling
  8. Five
  9. Cat Astro Phi
  10. One Button Bob
  11. Next Please
  12. Planet 161
  13. Recursion
  14. Perspective
  15. Qoosh
  16. Revive
  17. 400 Years
  18. Random Heroes
  19. The Love Letter
  20. Aqua Boy
  21. This Is Not A Minimalist Game
  22. Leaf Me Alone
  23. Back Door
  24. Night Lights
  25. ...:D
  26. Ripple Dot Zero
  27. Clockwork Cat
  28. Blym
  29. Wild West The Sheriff
  30. Exposure
  31. Naya's Quest
  32. Captain Commander
  33. Persist
  34. VVVVVV (demo)
  35. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
  36. Shine
  37. Displaced
  38. The Company of Myself
  39. A Ghostly Journey (not all spirits though D:)
  40. Abduction (the first mode)
  41. Grand Mystic Quest of Discovery
  42. Soom
  43. Lost Yeti (as complete as complete gets :/)
  44. Spiderling
  45. The Valley Rule
  46. Llama in your Face
  47. Hare's Harvest
  48. Shybot
  49. Denudation
  50. Enough Plumbers
  51. Aeolus Shift
  52. Glitch Lab

Wiki stuff

Game articles I'm working on

Working on/maintaining their templates (or what I plan to work on)


  • Redirect to (The url, as of today, does not exist.) (done!)
  • Rename plural titles so that they point to their singular form, therefore reducing the length of pages in source mode because it eliminates a lot of double linking?
  • Switching infoboxes to a new design. (done!)
  • Coding a gallery with playable .ogg files (rather than being redirected to the file page upon clicking them).

Pages that could be useful

Well, that's all for now.


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