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  • I live in myself
  • I was born on April 7
  • I am cold
  • Frostyflytrap


    November 28, 2017 by Frostyflytrap!!_This_is_bad...#comm-27752

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hey guys, some of you may have already played the Pixel Love game The Love Letter, and I was pretty interested in the love music used when you read the letter. I then went on to the musician's website but unfortunately, there was nothing there on his website ever mentioning the game. Then I suddenly I heard some music playing quite similar to the one I was looking for. I browsed through the file but then eventually gave up as the entire track was about 2 hours long. So many months passed until I stumbeled upon a playthough of The Sims game when I sudenly heard the love theme again! I quickly researched and found out that it was a musical piece composed by Tchaikovsky!!! It was called Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture, and the love theme …

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  • Frostyflytrap

    It is known that all games with mature content deserves minimal information on this wiki as possible. For expample Time ****, has only 1 article on this wiki which is the game's page, no chatacter article or whatever. But some users seemed to have made templates for articles that were supposed to be banned on this wiki, as a result only leaving the templete filled with redlinks and one working link, the game's article.

    here are the templates that are needed to be removed:




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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hello there, I'm making a part two of my previous blog: So... I'm continuing it here since it sounds like a good idea to have the blog here instead. The Sanbox is a game where you can draw all kinds of elements around the screen and make reactions with them. For example, seed+soil/sand+water=flower/tree/cactus/coral. And alot more that just germinating stuff. And it's the perfect time waster! Play the game and see it for yourself!

    Play it on Kongregate (A game about personal growth...????)This game is a sandox type of game(I don't mean like the previous game…

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