Hey guys, some of you may have already played the Pixel Love game The Love Letter, and I was pretty interested in the love music used when you read the letter. I then went on to the musician's website but unfortunately, there was nothing there on his website ever mentioning the game. Then I suddenly I heard some music playing quite similar to the one I was looking for. I browsed through the file but then eventually gave up as the entire track was about 2 hours long. So many months passed until I stumbeled upon a playthough of The Sims game when I sudenly heard the love theme again! I quickly researched and found out that it was a musical piece composed by Tchaikovsky!!! It was called Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture, and the love theme starts after fifteen minutes of playing.

Here's the video:

I kinda find this interesting and I hope to find the lost music track remix in the future. But if some of you actually knew this all along, then I'd say you're pretty sadistic about not pointing it out anywhere. No offence.