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    Day 4 pixel Olympics

    August 26, 2015 by Megaphantaze

    I've only got a second, so have a look at these games.

    Game Goal Info
    Colossal Clean-Up Get the highest score Play the game and submit your highest score, which should be found at the top bar at the end of a game.
    Shark Lifting 2 Highest score in ten levels Play the first ten levels and record your score.
    Roar Rampage Highest score Grab your total score after a death. Read more >
  • Megaphantaze

    Day three of Pixel Love Olympics. A lot of Black and white this time.

    Game Goal Info
    Hyper Pixel Man Reach the farthest level Play on Unlimited mode starting at level 1 and watch your death count. When you reach 30 deaths, record the level you are on.
    Stakes Get the highest score Submit your highest score, found on the right panel of the game. If you clear your high score from the Options menu, you can also record this data, found directly above the current score value.
    Canabalt Reach the farthest distance When the Game Over screen appears, text below it will indicate how far you ran. Record these distances, and submit your farthest one achieved within the day. Read more >
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    I don't have anything to say currently.

    Game Goal Info
    Slayin(high score) Get the highest score Play Slayin and record your scores upon death. Use of the dragon scale is allowed.
    Tobe's Hookshot Escape Reach the greatest height After Tobe dies, a stats screen appears, with height being shown as one of the statistics. If you use a clean save, you can also get the "Best Height" from the Personal Records option in the menu.
    Tightrope Theatre Fastest time to beat the entire game Play the entire game from the first to last level and time yourself. Start the stopwatch upon pressing the arrow keys in level 1 and stop it when the performer lands on the spotlight in the last level. Read more >
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    The moment you have waited for is here:  the first Pixel Love Olympics. I post this late, since I just remembered that today this thing starts.Let's say that the starting time will be 3PM UTC + 2 (You can check from Internet what does this time mean at your country). 

    Game Event description
    Sheepwalk Use a clean save and play through levels 1-30 without closing out of the game. Your time is then recorded in the Gallery, the time which you should submit.You can reset game data from the gallery, or use an in-private browser if you wish to keep your saves. Playing the game on a different site (Newgrounds, Kongregate) can also start you with a new save file, provided you haven't made progress there already.
    Music for Decay Take note of the scores…

    Read more >
  • Megaphantaze

    I came here to spread A project with Random Storykeeper. I had earlier Nitrolympics, but they weren't not so popular. Regardless of that, the concept seemed to be a good and I got a suggestion of making a Pixel-love edition. This time we have Pixel-love games.

    This time I am giving you plenty time to particiate to this one. I was thinking three weeks (There's only this week time, so please do the participation quickly), so everyone has time to enter. 





    Events can be seen here

    I hope this is okay for RSK that I add her added schedule here, then make some additions.

    Game Event description
    Sheepwalk Complete all levels in one sitting in the fastest time.
    Music for Decay Try to get the highest score with five atte…

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