The moment you have waited for is here:  the first Pixel Love Olympics. I post this late, since I just remembered that today this thing starts.Let's say that the starting time will be 3PM UTC + 2 (You can check from Internet what does this time mean at your country). 

Day 1: Get Movieng[1]

Game Event description
Sheepwalk Use a clean save and play through levels 1-30 without closing out of the game. Your time is then recorded in the Gallery, the time which you should submit.You can reset game data from the gallery, or use an in-private browser if you wish to keep your saves. Playing the game on a different site (Newgrounds, Kongregate) can also start you with a new save file, provided you haven't made progress there already.
Music for Decay Take note of the scores you achieve in Music for Decay and submit the highest one at the end of Day 1. If you use a clean save, it will automatically record your highest score, indicated by the small, darker numbers below the current score.
Bump You'll have to be careful here because the current Scores only show for a brief moment as the character is dying. Since it is a turnbased game, however, you can just record your scores just before inevitable death. If you use a fresh save, you can grab the "Best" score from the top of the screen at any time.