As Random Story-keeper suggested, I should discuss the rules for writing articles for Time.

List of rules here.

The voting period will run for one week. If you have anything to add to these rules or protest, please do so in the comments.

Update: I was discussing this matter with my dad, and he suggested that I say that this wiki will not cover the game, along that discussing rules about the game wouldn't be such a good idea as people have different views on swearing. This is a good idea, and I'm going to place a template on the page saying that everything on the page is how much this page will hold, and that there will be no articles or anymore content on the subject. Please note that this decision is final, and will not be changed at all.

The explanation

Here I will explain reasons (based off everyones questions) why I object, and a reason for justifying my actions.

...why do you think that Nitrome was advertising it on their website for people to play it?
I don't know. Although a possible (but insane) possibility is that Mat got bored one day and wanted to see how this wiki would react when they put up a game with an obscenity in it (although a reason like this seems quite sadistic).
Use RSK's suggestion and add a template/banner to the top of the page, warning the reader about upcoming mature content.
That warns readers... who want to read. What if you want to edit? A wiki should be editable by all users, bar pages that require you to be an admin to edit. If we do this, this really doesn't solve the problem other than say only read if you know the upcoming content is filthy.
Or we could just skip over those certain bad parts instead of skipping over everything.
This would be great, but RSK thinks this "deprives the Wiki of necessary information needed to sustain itself".
Why did you place up a banner, stating you cannot write about a game?
Because, the game contains obscenities, and as mentioned a bit higher up (above), people have different opinions on swearing, so it will be hard to meet a result everyone is happy with. If it is going to be this hard... why bother writing articles if we're going to have this trouble? So I just placed a template saying to not write any articles on this game.

Got any more questions?