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    The year 2015 was a very interesting year for Pixel Love. Ever since their former web developer Tom left Nitrome, Pixel Love started hitting a major bump in the road. We'd get Pixel Love games featured on really off days like Thursday, and sometimes go weeks without Pixel Love. Finally, it all ended on October 21, 2015. Although Nitrome has somewhat expressed that they'd like to go back to Pixel Love, I hope that all will be well when they get a new web developer. But for now, let's take a moment to look back on the Pixel Love games we have seen featured in 2015.

    I am going to start with one little exception, however. Back in 2014, I had to leave for winter vacation, and Nitrome ended up featuring one additional Pixel Love game on the Monday …

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    Hey, so for this special edition of "Nitrolympics", we're going with Pixel Love games and I get to plan out the events!

    Now last post, I made a list of possible games and objectives. Today, I'll be putting that list together to arrange for the event.

    This is a five day event. On each day, there are three games that you try to get the highest score, time or other achievement within a certain gage as specified in the tables below. You'll have the entire day to do the best you can, with a few exceptions where noted. At the end of the day, put your scores in the comments below.

    It is important to note that for many high score games, high scores are recorded in the game itself. This data is usually for a high score that was achieved over the cours…

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    I meant to make this last night, but ended up going to bed. :O

    Possible Pixel Love Olympics contenders:

    1. Hyper Pixel Man – Classic mode, see how far you get? Or Unlimited mode, acquire thirty deaths and you’re done (record progress)
      • The only problem with Classic Mode is that when you lose, it doesn't show you the level you were on within that screen.
    2. Tobe's Hookshot Escape – Greatest height in five attempts
    3. Sheepwalk - Not sure yet
    4. Super Puzzle Platformer - Probably highest score out of three games
    5. Stakes
    6. Slayin – Highest score in three attempts
      • An additional or same day, we do the farthest level in three attempts
    7. Bed Hogg – Average time out of five games
      • The times are only documented in whole seconds, so just doing the lowest time could end up with t…
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    The year 2014 is almost behind us now. I'd expect someone else would be making a Nitrome reflection post at some point, so I decided instead to focus on looking back at the year in Pixel Love features.

    2014 was a pretty good year for Pixel Love, with some great games and a new website Nitrome launched to host them all. Games could also include ones built in Unity and HTML5 and not just Flash. So here's a huge post that takes a quick look at all the Pixel Love games put up by Nitrome in the year 2014.

    There is one more Monday until the new year, and Nitrome might feature another Pixel Love, but I will be on vacation during New Year's and will be unable to submit any blog posts, which is why I'm launching this early.

    Bear in mind a lot of these…

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    May 30, 2014 by Random-storykeeper

    Ergh, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I miss this wiki's activity. I mean, there used to be lots of active users here, and it was even fun when we had arguments over things. Now...I'd be lucky to see one edit a month here.

    Don't get me wrong. At times I really like it when wikis are quiet. You get more control without users objecting or disagreeing with your hard work. Since Nitrome Wiki isn't as active as it used to be though now, it doesn't feel much different retreating here.

    I still come to edit this wiki when I want to take a break from editing Cave Story Wiki. Sometimes there are too many active editors there, and they do things that bother me, but aren't bad for the wiki. Of course I don't want to act on impulse, and it's usually be…

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