Ergh, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I miss this wiki's activity. I mean, there used to be lots of active users here, and it was even fun when we had arguments over things. Now...I'd be lucky to see one edit a month here.

Don't get me wrong. At times I really like it when wikis are quiet. You get more control without users objecting or disagreeing with your hard work. Since Nitrome Wiki isn't as active as it used to be though now, it doesn't feel much different retreating here.

I still come to edit this wiki when I want to take a break from editing Cave Story Wiki. Sometimes there are too many active editors there, and they do things that bother me, but aren't bad for the wiki. Of course I don't want to act on impulse, and it's usually better to let them do their job in peace. Then again, seeing new editors on the wiki reminds me that I should be more active there, but how can I be active there and here at the same time? It's a little too frustrating to handle.

As I have days off from work, I spend a lot of it catching up with the Pixel Love games I haven't really been playing since they were featured. I think I'm getting the hang of Bytejacker, and I just beat Llama in your Face yesterday. The latter gets quite addicting, especially with Arena Mode.

Well, I guess I should write more if I see active users still on CS Wiki. But someday, I will have to face them if I am to finish reforming Cave Story Wiki.

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