Hey, so for this special edition of "Nitrolympics", we're going with Pixel Love games and I get to plan out the events!

Now last post, I made a list of possible games and objectives. Today, I'll be putting that list together to arrange for the event.


This is a five day event. On each day, there are three games that you try to get the highest score, time or other achievement within a certain gage as specified in the tables below. You'll have the entire day to do the best you can, with a few exceptions where noted. At the end of the day, put your scores in the comments below.

It is important to note that for many high score games, high scores are recorded in the game itself. This data is usually for a high score that was achieved over the course of the game being played, but in this event, you are required to submit your highest score that was achieved on the day of the event. You can simply record all your scores manually and submit the highest, or reset your high score data, available in certain games. Alternatively, you can also play the game on another site if you haven't already or use an incognito/private browser (eg. pressing Ctrl+Shift+N in Chrome) and this can usually reset your saves within that particular window.


So what are the games, you ask?

Day 1

Game Goal Info
Sheepwalk Complete all normal levels in one sitting in the fastest time. Use a clean save and play through levels 1-30 without closing out of the game. Your time is then recorded in the Gallery, the time which you should submit.

You can reset game data from the gallery, or use an in-private browser if you wish to keep your saves. Playing the game on a different site (Newgrounds, Kongregate) can also start you with a new save file, provided you haven't made progress there already.

Music for Decay Get the highest score Take note of the scores you achieve in Music for Decay and submit the highest one at the end of Day 1. If you use a clean save, it will automatically record your highest score, indicated by the small, darker numbers below the current score.
Bump Get the highest score You'll have to be careful here because the current Scores only show for a brief moment as the character is dying. Since it is a turnbased game, however, you can just record your scores just before inevitable death. If you use a fresh save, you can grab the "Best" score from the top of the screen at any time.

Day 2

Game Goal Info
Slayin (high score) Get the highest score Play Slayin and record your scores upon death. Use of the dragon scale is allowed.
Tobe's Hookshot Escape Reach the greatest height After Tobe dies, a stats screen appears, with height being shown as one of the statistics. If you use a clean save, you can also get the "Best Height" from the Personal Records option in the menu.
Tightrope Theatre Fastest time to beat the entire game Play the entire game from the first to last level and time yourself. Start the stopwatch upon pressing the arrow keys in level 1 and stop it when the performer lands on the spotlight in the last level.

Day 3

Game Goal Info
Hyper Pixel Man Reach the farthest level Play on Unlimited mode starting at level 1 and watch your death count. When you reach 30 deaths, record the level you are on.
Stakes Get the highest score Submit your highest score, found on the right panel of the game. If you clear your high score from the Options menu, you can also record this data, found directly above the current score value.
Canabalt Reach the farthest distance When the Game Over screen appears, text below it will indicate how far you ran. Record these distances, and submit your farthest one achieved within the day.

Day 4

Game Goal Info
Colossal Clean-Up Get the highest score Play the game and submit your highest score, which should be found at the top bar at the end of a game.
Shark Lifting 2 Highest score in ten levels Play the first ten levels and record your score.
Roar Rampage Highest score Grab your total score after a death.

Day 5

Game Goal Info
Slayin (level) Reach the farthest level Play Slayin and upon death, record the level you are on. Using the dragon scale is allowed.
Super Puzzle Platformer Get the highest score Achieve the highest score in Super Puzzle Platformer.
Bed Hogg Fastest average time Play Bed Hogg five times in a row and record those best times (in seconds). Then add the seconds and divide the total by five to get your average time.