I meant to make this last night, but ended up going to bed. :O

Possible Pixel Love Olympics contenders:

  1. Hyper Pixel Man – Classic mode, see how far you get? Or Unlimited mode, acquire thirty deaths and you’re done (record progress)
    • The only problem with Classic Mode is that when you lose, it doesn't show you the level you were on within that screen.
  2. Tobe's Hookshot Escape – Greatest height in five attempts
  3. Sheepwalk - Not sure yet
  4. Super Puzzle Platformer - Probably highest score out of three games
  5. Stakes
  6. Slayin – Highest score in three attempts
    • An additional or same day, we do the farthest level in three attempts
  7. Bed Hogg – Average time out of five games
    • The times are only documented in whole seconds, so just doing the lowest time could end up with ties. Here, we can see who can achieve a fast time consistently.
  8. Music for Decay – Highest score in five attempts
  9. Shark Lifting 2 – Highest score in ten levels? Or more.
    • On BRUTAL for Klemen and his nation
    • Normal for everyone else
    • Just kidding, Klemen. Now don't be disappointed. :P
  10. Canabalt – Five attempts, farthest distance
  11. Tightrope Theatre – Fastest time to complete the game in one sitting
  12. Colossal Clean-Up
  13. Bump
  14. Roar Rampage – Highest score in three attempts or less