While searching up Reprisal playthroughs and trailers, I came across this one website that offered the game for download. After purchasing it, it would come with a digital booklet detailing Reprisal's development.

I would love to go and buy the game just to check out the book, but I know I'm just not willing to pay the money (not that I can anyways...) needed to purchase the game.

Anyways, I was trying to find some Reprisal videos, but most of them are either let's plays or multiple levels grouped into one video. There was one user that did do one level per video, but the version of Reprisal seemed different. Terraforming only cost 2 mana, according to the user's copy of Reprisal. This would greatly affect gameplay since land would be a lot easier to generate than in the current Flash version. Maybe I'll consider Reprisal videos, though I'm still working my way through Ripple Dot Zero.