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  • Tema.gubert

    Hello wiki! Heheh, its WWZ again in the morning, and the avatars was revived.

    , if World War Z does the horror-shooting-zombie movie. Check out these Posters and Trailers on for more. I don't know how i launched the skin, my mistake, and i'm gonna explode my head for excitement.

    8bit Doves was announced and was not compatible yet, sorry about that. Live the future, who knows!

    Anyways, don't you know that Avatars was added/released on

    Make sure you know the users to leave the comments below. Don't miss it if the skin was released.

    Miss it? Try other... no! But try it now, dude! C'mon! Don't you understand yet? Just go and GET OVER WITH! Oh, heh, sorry!

    What do you think about the same thing from Nitrome Wiki. Let me know…

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  • Tema.gubert

    Hello wiki! I'm Tema, the user's wiki since Nitrome Wiki, the biggest Nitrome encyclopedia, once again.

    It is time to play something on Pixel Love... no, not time to take out the trash, VIDEOGAME! I agreed to play something new, like the impossible game Super Puzzle Platformer, Agent Turnright (and i love being useless), I am Level/Tilt-Pinball, and the Fliptic games was never made by Nitrome in 2013, as Abduction to Dead End.

    So, enjoy the new website and it launched since the end of July.

    You guys probably haven't been wondering what i'm all to one, but i'm going to tell the users about that anyway! HA! Oh, and the person that thinking of did have a blog post every day until 12 months this year... WHAT A SHAMELESS!!!! Actually, the avatars …

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