Vampire hearts
Vampire hearts
Attack: Slamming into Doctor Photon
Damage: Instant death (Normal/Hard)
Health: 1 hit from a photon
Game(s): Photon Baby

Vampire hearts are hazards in the game Photon Baby.


Vampire hearts have red glowing eyes with black around them. They have a open mouth with a tooth placed on the left and right side. Lastly they are heart shaped and dark purple.

Game information

Vampire hearts first appear in level one in hard mode and level 11 in normal and easy mode. Vampire hearts appear in all levels with female vampires and only appear once the female vampire kisses her hand and blows.

Vampire hearts will move anyway they want at first but then will bounce off objects. If a vampire heart touches a photon, they will pop and die. If Doctor Photon touches a vampire heart, he will instantly die.