Where am I?... Am I dead?

The player's first words upon being killed

The victim is the main character of Five.


The victim appears as a white sphere with two legs.

Game Information

In game

The victim can walk around by pressing ← and →, and jump by pressing ↑. The victim is tasked with collecting fifteen key panels within five minutes. By pressing the space bar, the player can view the 4x4 map. Whilst viewing the map, time does not pass, time only elapses whilst the player is controlling the victim.

The victim cannot really die while in this part of the game, only respawn if they drop down a chasm that does not lead anywhere. If the time is to meet 0:00, the victim dies and restarts the game from the start. The victim is not capable of much, basic movements such as walking and jumping are really its only executable movements.


One night, the victim went to South Park, presumably for a walk. Upon its arrival, it noticed a character with a gun. Reversing movement and attempting to flee, the victim was shot in the back and killed[1]. The victim soon awoke in a strange room, and questioned whether he was dead or not.

Advancing into the next room, he went up and began talking to a person hanging from a rope. Confused, he was unable to comprehend the fleeing persons conversation, where the fleeing person was trying to inform he that the victim has five minutes.

Upon advancing into the next room, the victim got the idea that they had to collect 15 key panels.

Upon collection of the last key panel, a room opened up which had a strange heart panel. Getting to the room, the victim noticed the fleeing person on the opposite side, who would move when the victim did. Advancing all the way up the heart, the fleeing person jumps to the heart panel and causes it to disappear, reducing the player's remaining time to five seconds.

As those few seconds elapse, the player is taken back to the few seconds before they are shot. Aware of what will happen, the victim jumps to dodge the shot, and upon doing that jumps towards there assailant to counterattack.


Bolded text is to identify the one speaking

Player: Where am I?... Am I dead?
The victim's first words upon being killed
Player: !
Fleeing person: :)
Player: ?
Fleeing person: (image of a clock)
Player: ?
Fleeing person: :)
First conversation between the victim and fleeing person
Player: I was late... Goodbye...
The victims last words when the timer runs out


  1. When the player's time runs out: I was late [from death]... Goodbye...