Wand icon
The Wand as it appears in the inventory
Ability: Eliminates purple locks
Game(s): Seedling

The Wand is a weapon found in the game Seedling.


The Wand is rectangular with a point on the top. Below the point at the top of the wand is a dark yellow square that has its sides surrounded by dark green blocks. The rest of the wand is a rectangle that has a black outline and purple in the middle.

Game information

The Wand is found in Lacste, in the same area where the player fights the Totem. To make the Wand appear, the player must collect the pieces of paper that are scattered around Lacste and then returned to the area where the Totem lies unassembled.

The Wand shoots yellow sparks that have the farthest range but weakest damage of all the weapons in Seedling. The Wand can also break locks that bar the seedling's path, similar to the sword being able to destroy destructible rocks.