The bandit stands in a pool of water
Ability: Slows down the heroes' movement
Game(s): Random Heroes

Water is an interactive object of Random Heroes.


Water is grey-blue in colour and appears to ripple in a direction towards the player's right. The surface of the water is flat, but appears to ripple because of the moving sets of pixels that constantly go to the right, providing the water's "rippling" effect. Water is also translucent, so a part of the level's background is partially visible if behind a pool of it.

Game information

Water first appears in Chapter 1: Downtown, and makes several appearances throughout the game. Sometimes, bridges that the heroes cross are over a pool of water, while other times, water fills a drop separating two platforms.

When a hero steps in water, he will make a splash and be partly submerged. Small water droplets are visible as he enters and exits the water. Horizontal movement while in water is slowed, though jumping remains the same height. Enemies never appear in pools of water, except for leaping robots who may leap into water when it is nearby.

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