The Wizard is a playable character in Slayin.


The Wizard wears a purple cloak with a drooping purple hood. His hair is orange and his eyes are a couple pixels tall. One hand holds a small red object while the other holds a white object. He carries these objects as he moves around the area.

Game information

The Wizard is only playable once level 25 has been reached by the Knight. He is strongest in Defence (given three stars) and lowest in Luck (given one star). When the spacebar is pressed, the wizard becomes a tornado for a brief period of time. While he is in the tornado form, he is invincible to any enemies and hazards that make contact with him. If enemies are hit by the tornado, they die, and any bosses hit take damage.

Shop items

Most shop items made available to the player for the Wizard enhance his tornado attack with additional abilities that can be equipped. Many of these abilities, referred to as "spells", have to be charged up in between the Wizard's attacks. The red object in the Wizard's hand is an indicator of the spell's charge status. When the object turns into a colour that matches the currently equipped spell, the Wizard can deploy the spell. Additional items include the Wizard Coat, which decreases the amount of time the player has to wait to charge up the Wizard's attacks.


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