The wizards are NPC's in This Is Not A Minimalist Game. There is a red one and a purple one as well as 99 blue ones (seen as heads). One of the wizards gave the warrior a quest to collect 100 wizard heads.


The wizards appear to have robes and wizards hats and a long white beard, and they wield staffs. Their robes and staff will always be of identical colour per wizard.


A wizard once gave the warrior a quest for 100 wizard heads. Once the warrior goes to the second wizard, the warrior will kill him and cause the world to become minimalistic.


  • The first wizard the player meets will always be the one that gave the player the quest for 100 wizard heads. The second wizard encountered will always be the one that has to be killed. Depending on who the player accepts the mission from first, they could kill either the red or purple robed wizard.

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