Ability: Teleportation
Game(s): Planet 161

Wormholes are interactive objects that appear on the first level of Planet 161.


Wormholes are circle shaped and dark blue in colour. In the centre of the wormhole is a white circle, surrounded by smaller white specks dotting the entire area of the circle. The border of the wormhole alternates from white to dark blue at a constant speed.

Game information


The sprites of Hinds teleporting, as seen near the bottom.

Wormholes are prominent in every level except the last. It is the goal of the player to guide Hinds to the wormhole at the end of each level. This requires solving the puzzles present in the current level in order for Hinds to be transported successfully. The wormholes also serve the purpose of guiding Hinds off Planet 161.

Once Hinds touches a wormhole, his entire body (except the eyes) turn white, then cause him to disappear from the current area. At the same time, the screen fades from white into the next level, where Hinds reappears. The transformation affects Hinds from his feet first, making its way up to his head.

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