For worms from other games, see Worms.

Worms are enemies in Aqua Boy.


Worms are mostly pink coloured with spots of white on them. Part of their bodies are shaded in purple, which also include the worms' appendages.

On either sides of the worms' bodies, they have longer hair-like parts that stick out and move. The worms also have a beak at the top of their heads, remaining open for the duration of their appearance in the game.

Game information


Coming out of its hole

Worms appear buried in the ground or ceiling of some areas within the game. When Aqua Boy approaches one, it comes out of its hole, shooting an array of bullets that travel outwards, forming a circle. These bullets deduct health from Aqua Boy on contact, but disappear once they travel too far of a distance. After the worm shoots its bullets, it retracts into its hole and waits for a brief moment before coming out of the hole again.

If Aqua Boy is far enough out of range from the worm, it will not come out of its hole. The worm, however, would still be vulnerable to Aqua Boy's attacks. In some cases, the player can position Aqua Boy so that he is close enough away to shoot bullets at a worm, but far enough away that the worm will not attack. It takes approximately two pistol blasts to kill a worm, and after one is killed, it will sometimes leave behind a heart or charge pickup.

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