For worms from other games, see Worms.

Worms are enemies in Cat Astro Phi.


Worms appear to be a thin dark green line with a yellow eye. Only one eye is visible to the player at a time. The worm's head is slightly larger than the rest of its body.

Game information

Worms are encountered in every planet stage of Cat Astro Phi, except for the level with the giant robot. These enemies occupy an enclosed area, often in groups. They move by changing their width to inch along the ground at about the same speed the spaceman can walk. They can change direction when they see an available opening to turn into. Sometimes this is at random as long as the worms are roaming a vast space.

Touching a worm causes the spaceman to die. The player can kill a worm by shooting with the gun. Once the worm dies, that particular worm does not resurrect for the rest of the level, unless the player chooses to restart.

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