For worms from other games, see Worms.

Worms are enemies first encountered in Chapter 2: The Sewers of Random Heroes.


Worms have pale green bodies with a lumpy back. On their head, they have round white eyes outlined in black and a red mouth with white teeth visible in it. The worms appear to have a larger head than the rest of their body.

Game information


A worm that has not woken up yet.

Worms are introduced to the game in level 7, at the start of Chapter 2. From a distance, they appear to be a pale green lump much smaller than the worm itself. This lump stays still on the ground until it is approached.

When one of the heroes is close to the lump, it will expand into a worm and start to move along the ground, often towards the character. If the worm is contained within walls, it will remain in that area, changing to the opposite direction when it hits a wall. If there is a ledge, the worm will fall off and continue moving in the same direction it was travelling in until cannot go down any farther. It remains in that area until killed or the level is complete. Landing on spikes does not affect their movement nor harm them.

To defeat a worm, the player must shoot at it with a weapon several times, causing it to explode on death. Worms give the player twenty-five extra dollars.

Health values

  • 9 mm pistol - 9 bullets
  • Pulse laser - 4 bullets

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