Wrestlers are enemies in the game Seedling.


Wrestlers are outlined in black and they have two arms and legs. Wrestlers have two black dots for eyes placed on their white face that is cut in half by a red line.

The rest of the wrestlers body, except for the black outline, is a mixture of red and white.

Game information

Wrestlers are mostly found in forest areas. Wrestlers will follow the Seedling if they catch sight of him and attempt to punch the Seedling if he is close enough. The wrestler's punch will take away one block of Seedling's health and touching the wrestler will also take away one block of health.

The only ways to kill wrestlers are to slash at them five times with the sword, shoot at them seven times with the Wand, three slashes from the dark sword hurt them with a weapon, or make them walk into the water. After a wrestler has been killed in one area, exiting the area and then coming back will make the wrestler respawn.